Terms & Conditions

1) Students should be 18 years above and Indian.

2) Students should have done 10+2

3) Student should be 98% attendance in there batch

4) Student should be panchual according to the batch timeing

5) Student should be got 50% marks in there entrance exam for the admission

6) Student should be get 65% marks in the course exam

7) Student not allow to implement there knowlage and experience in the batch timeing

8) Student must do 100% in there task which given by the faculty

9) After one job student not blame to other placement services

10) Institute 100% commentment for the 50 interviwe in 60 days after the course

11) Institute commit that if in for 60% fee refundable if student not get any job with in 60 days by

the institute

12) Institute not layble to the placement if student git the offer later to the company and if any case he not join the company own there resion

13) Institute give the 60% fee refund after 90 days attaned the course and place ment time

14) Institute takes the fee online, cheaq, DD no cash acceptable, Student should mention Chq, DD and transfer number to there from.

15) Institute have all the rughts if any student does any indcpline or misbehave to the faculty or other students in that case institute can be terminate the student and without fee refeund.

16) If the student left the classes in middle of the course institute not responsible for fee refudable and placement also.

17) Student should pay there 100% before start any class

18) If the student select in a company and got the offer later from the company and he not joined the job in that case institute not responceble to the refund of the fee.

19) Institute provide the PG and transport services for the student its charge is extra

20) If institute feel that student not doing good in there instance exam or in claas institute give the free traning classes.

21) For industrial and genral tour student pay the amount as pe the dicided by the institute ( its opstional for the student )

22) After 90 days student can take 60% refundable fee amount by Chq if they are not selected

23) If student have any issue in the institute campus they can complaints in the management in wrriten.

24) Student carry all the notes ID card bag in everydays in there class without this they can not attaned the claas

25) If student take 10 days liv without permistion in that case instuitute can terminate the student

26) If student take 2 to 7 days liv with wrriten permission in that case he can attend upcoming batch, he can not conew on the same batch

27) Student take only 1 days liv during the course time . and course duration is 60 days only

28) Student use only 30 min break in a day during the claas and claas time is 6 hours in a day

29) Students use paid canteen in the institute campus

30) Student cheak there progressive sheet daily and feel the correct information

31) Student should were profesnals clothes during the class timeing

32) Student can not drop any claas between there days if they drop the topics and claas so in that case paid extra fee 500/- and time weill be the according to the feculdty

33) pmeei reseve the rights to rejeet the application from if
A) the admisstion form is incomplete
B) the summiting documents is incomplete or incorect
C) false documents have been submitted
D) incoreccet or worng information give

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